Combined Horizontal Work Bench for Induction tempered metal
Flat bench for moulds and racks, with variable speed chuck headstock. Working length 1000mm, maximum diameter 300mm, capacity 100kg.
Dividing chuck, maximum diameter 2000 mm, loading weight 2000 kg.
Rotating table with 6 positions, maximum diameter 120 mm, loading weight 6kg
Frequency converter 150/240 kW 15-30 kHz

» Techincal Data
maximum surface dimensions
vertical track
cross track
horizontal lane
dividing chuck
maximum workable diameter
controlled axes
programmed logic
chuck capacity
mm.600 (utili) x 4000
mm.1000 (utili)
mm. 600 (utili)
mm. 4200
mm. 3000
n° 4
Siemens Sinumerik 840D
Kg. 3000