Managing Resources

Trattamenti Termici has identified a need to allocate the necessary internal resources for both the correct application of the quality system and the correct execution of the production activities including le testing, checking and inspecting. Said resources include apposite means, infrastructures, work environment and adequately trained personnel.

Human Resources
Those employed by the company in a managerial or technical capacity (that can influence the quality of the product or services) possess areas of expertise that are both tried and tested, either through work experience or their qualifications.
All those employed in activities that can influence the quality of the production processes undertaken by T.T. receive regular training. Training is graded in line with qualifications and the expertise acquired in the specific sector. It also takes into account the duties that employees are required to fulfil.
Training is delivered both in-house and by using external agencies.

The infrastructures available to the company for carrying out activities of a managerial, technical or checking nature are sufficient to guarantee that processes are carried out correctly. Said infrastructures also undergo regular maintenance checks with the aim of guaranteeing their required efficiency over time as well as reducing those problems associated with environmental impact and the effectiveness of personnel to a minimum.

Work environment
The work environment intended for use in the different areas of production is characterised and organised in such a way as to guarantee to the utmost the conditions dictated by the production process. Said conditions, with regard to noise, temperature, and fumes etc. that are a common feature of an organisation operating in the field of heat treatments of metals, are constantly checked and monitored so that they comply with Legislative Decree 81/08.