Non Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a series of examinations, tests and specific controls which use methods that do not alter the material and do not require the destruction or the removal of samples from the structure under examination. Hence the term ‘non-destructive’. The methods most commonly used are based on ultrasounds systems, X and gamma rays, vibrations, electromagnetical induction, penetrating liquids as well as other methods such as thermography, endoscopy, extensimetry, levelmetry , acoustic emission, neutrography, holography, optical interferometry, tomography, acoustic holography etc. (Source: AIPnd). The results of the investigations carried out applying these methods are the basis for the evaluation of the quality of a product, the examination of the structural integrity of a component and the diagnosis and research of the causes of malfunctions in the productive process. They include:

» Visual Test
» Penetrating liquids
» Magnetic-particle testing

Our Instruments:
  • Magnetoscopy for the testing of the surface integrity with the aid of fluorescent liquids.
  • Forster magnatest QS 3204 eddy currents device for the non-destructive test of metallic materials.