Policy and development

Investment has always been an essential and necessary requirement in order for the company to survive. Over the years considerable investments have been made, dictated by real market conditions and the competitiveness in our sector. The most important of these are listed below:
  • 1988
    Purchase of a highly computerized and specialized furnace
  • 1994
    Investments on computerization of the production process to guarantee ripetitiveness of the production cycle. In this way the quantity of polluting gas each kg of treated material has been reduced obtaining a high safe of nitrogen and a decreasing of the thermic cycles.
  • 1996
    Creation of a new Gleason press tempering section with the inclusion of a heating oven with rotating floor and machines for press/plunge tempered metal.
  • 1999
    Transformation of the case hardening and tempering section into an automated island with the inclusion of a “softening oven chamber”, complete with motorised trolley and 1 programmable logical governing system.
  • 2003
    following our customers’ high and specific demand of quenching plug and tempering processing treatment it became necessary to buy a preheating furnace “Scame” in nitrogen and methanol controlled atmosphere with 2 robotized manipulator ABB, furnished with return strip and protections.
  • 2005
    Launch of new website - www.trattamentitermici.it and the implementation of a user checking panel. Our clients can use this interface to check, in real time, the status of their live orders, to create or change production notes, monitor the list of stock that is ready and check the inspection figures as well as the list of items being shipped along with their related inspection documents.
  • 2007
    In order to improve the quality of services and to offer its clients guaranteed production and delivery times Trattamenti Termici purchased a new finite capacity schedulator, developed by GP Progetti.
  • 2008
    Purchase of a new combined horizontal work bench for medium frequency induction tempered metal
  • 2010
    Continuity of production in the different sections is the primary goal of modern industry. In order to raise and guarantee the products’ standards of quality and increase the production efficiency of transformation systems, Trattamenti Termici purchased a software package with a schedulator for managing preventive maintenance and replacement parts
  • 2012
    2012 Purchase of a new IPSEN RTQ 17 hot chamber oven, measuring 900x900x1200, with a Carbo_Prof 4.0 control system.